推进你的事业 and credentials with a 信誉的在线火博体育网上火博体育网站生 证书 in 质量体系! Take four online graduate courses in quality systems and position yourself for greater opportunity in the fields of quality, 工程, continual improvement or management role within a variety of industries.

程序 好处

  • Propose and develop strategies to optimize 质量体系 based on detailed analysis of existing processes, resources and organizational goals.
  • Develop an organizational continual improvement program using the various tools of quality, 精益与六西格玛.
  • 应用 the methods of Six Sigma to solve organizational problems and exploit opportunities for improvement.
  • 应用 the principles of 领导 to formulate a vision for an organizations quality function.
  • Demonstrate knowledge in the basic principles of the Lean Enterprise.


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  • 质量总监
  • 质量技术人员
  • Quality Manager, Kaizen Champion
  • Continuous Improvement Leader
  • Lean Enterprise Leader

I went from virtually no interest to having to decline interviews with interested employers in just a few weeks into the QS program.

If you’re trying to justify the return-on-investment or bang-for-the-buck, I would unquestionably recommend the QS program at Bowling Green State University



BGSU 质量体系 证书 Student

品质事宜标志BGSU is the only university in Ohio and one of just nine in the nation to earn the Quality Matters 在线 Learner Support certificate for all of our seven-week online programs. The certificate recognizes that our programs provide the critical services needed for student success and that we use student feedback to continuously improve those services.

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You will be enrolled in and receive your graduate certificate from the College of Technology Architecture and 应用工程

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